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About us

Our company is the oldest enterprise in Bulgaria providing yacht service. It was established in 1991 as Atlas Yacht Service and was then reorganized into ISI Ltd. Since 1992 we have been specializing in sailmaking. Throughout our development we have aimed to completely satisfy our customer and provide them with high-quality reliable products. As a result, we have made more and more loyal customers. We try to meet all our customers‘ requirements by constantly enriching the range of our products: cruising and racing sails, tents, covers, biminis, spray-hoods, snuffers, Lazy-Jacks, fender-covers.

Our goal is to show you that we are trustworthy and once you have become a customer of ours, we will do everything to sustain your confidence.

All owners of ISI products know that they will have the privilege to receive prompt and high-quality service. ISI products are used by nearly 90% of yacht owner in Bulgaria.


  • 20% discount for spinnakers of up to 60m2(48g/m2-blue) until the cloth is out of stock.

We are starting a new product - photovoltaic panels mounted over bimini.